Joel Robison’s book themed photography

Photographer Joel Robison (Boy_Wonder on Flickr) has some great images incorporating books and the act of reading. Well worth a browse. Thanks to Book Patrol for the tip-off.

Fine free.

Gleason Public Library (somewhere in Massachusetts) goes fine free. Partly a simple economic decision as they spent more money collecting the fines than they received in fines: Moreover, processing the monies collected from overdue books bears its own costs in terms of staff time, for collecting and reconciling accounts, and infrastructure such as change boxes […] and Overdrive

Patrick Rhone over at Minimal Mac has some nice things to say about cloud based ebook service What was that? I thought I heard you say you were looking for a cloud based library for all of your DRM free ePub books. One that would allow you to read them on just about any […]

PAWS For Reading – Support Dogs

What a wonderful way to encourage kids learning to read. The dogs that participate in the program have been trained through the TOUCH Program and selected by the Support Dogs staff based on the qualities that make them suitable for the program. These dogs are especially calm and unobtrusive and settle in as part of […]

Fiction is about throwing up questions

Margo Lanagan, speaking on Radio National Books+ show Feb 18, 2012: I think that fiction is about throwing up questions, I don’t think it’s about answering questions. I think fiction that answers questions and gives moral lessons is very dull to read. I like to finish a book feeling a little abuzz with the things […]

Give and Take – a shelf of donated books in the train station.

People coming and going constantly filter through Union Station, a working piece of the city’s history. But in between being on the go, there can be plenty of waiting for a train or bus, and the Friends of the Worcester Public Library hope people take advantage of the downtime to read a book from The […]

eBook readers as the ultimate brown paper wrapper

Kindles, iPads and Nooks “are the ultimate brown paper wrapper,” says Brenda Knight, associate publisher at Cleis Press, of Berkeley, Calif., a publisher of erotica since 1980. Mainstream publishers are launching digital-only erotic labels to feed demand. At the end of the month, HarperCollins UK will launch Mischief Books, with the tag line “private pleasures […]

Tour de Phillip Island 2012

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time away at Phillip Island with my bike and some books. I didn’t end up reading much but got some nice rides in. Full set of pictures is on Flickr.