Happy 18th

On Jennifer’s birthday last year I wrote this. She said I never had to write another thing for her but could just keep linking back. But regardless, here I am on the morning of our 18th wedding anniversary wondering how I can put into words what this wonderful woman means to me. At this time […]

Balancing rocks

Earlier this year on a family holiday to Queensland, the mysterious Kinipela and I had an afternoon alone while our children were with friends. We decided to spend that time going for a walk in the Noosa Headlands. A little way into the walk we found ourselves on a rocky beach. There were two other […]

The legend of Kinipela

I’m sure everyone knows the legend that is passed on in cultures all around the world. The stories shared around campfires, in caravans, hotels, and people’s homes. Wherever folk gather together, long after the sun has set, eventually someone will start talking about the legend of Kinipela. The mysterious woman who will always make a […]

2012: A year in review

In January, we dug a big hole and played some cricket. In February, my baby girl started school and my boy built a tower that reached to the sky. In March (and a bit of February), I covered a fair portion of Philip Island on my bike. I also made some necklaces. In April I […]


You may know 16 simply as the number after 15 and before 17. You’ll probably also recognise it as the square of 4. Apparently, 16 is also the smallest number with exactly five divisors. You may not know that: As a power of 2 it has an aliquot sum one less than itself; 15, and […]

The home project 1: My favourite photographer

my favourite photographer My sweetheart spends a lot of her time behind the camera. Sometimes people give her a hard time about it, but she captures memories that would otherwise fade far too quickly. 2011 is the year you get to see her on the other side of the lens. Because she is beautiful and […]