What can publishers learn from indie rock?

Michael Clarke talks about the resurgence of vinyl and what it could mean for book publishers: What indie rock bands have figured out is that the purchase of music does not have to be an either/or proposition. They don’t make their customers choose between analog or digital. Whenever you buy a record from just about […]


findings.com. Find, organize and share highlights from your eBooks and the Web. Just came across this via Craig Mod and plan to have a poke around in the next little while.

Making sure there is no anti-competitive behaviour in the book industry

David Carr at The NYT: The Justice Department finally took aim at the monopolistic monolith that threatened to dominate the book industry. So imagine the shock when the bullet aimed at threats to competition went whizzing by Amazon — which not long ago had a 90 percent stranglehold on e-books — and instead, struck five […]

The future of books vs the present of books.

Via if:book When people ask me to speak or write about the future of books, invariably what they want to know about are things like ebooks, digital publishing, book apps, transmedia. These are not the future of books. They are the present of books. To consider the future of books, we must imagine the future […]

Will the big 6 kill DRM?

Charles Stross on why the big six publishers will kill DRM: It doesn’t matter whether Macmillan wins the price-fixing lawsuit bought by the Department of Justice. The point is, the big six publishers’ Plan B for fighting the emerging Amazon monopsony has failed (insofar as it has been painted as a price-fixing ring, whether or […]

The rise of e-reading | Pew Internet Libraries

Pew Internet Project have released a new study on the rise of e-reading. Full report here. Press release here. Some snippets: In mid-December 2011, 17% of American adults had reported they read an e-book in the previous year; by February, 2012, the share increased to 21%. I’d love to see some Australian stats for comparison. […]