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Pew Internet Project have released a new study on the rise of e-reading. Full report here. Press release here.

Some snippets:

In mid-December 2011, 17% of American adults had reported they read an e-book in the previous year; by February, 2012, the share increased to 21%.

I’d love to see some Australian stats for comparison.

It’s now clear that readers are embracing a new format for books and a significant number are reading more because books can be plucked out of the air.

I’ve heard several accounts of people saying they’re reading more because they always have a book with them now.

E-book readers and tablet computers are finding their place in the rhythms of readers’ lives. But printed books still serve as the physical currency when people want to share the stories they love.

This in reference to stats that show people prefer paper books when reading to kids or sharing with others. There are clearly logistical reasons around this.

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  1. I was given a Kindle for my birthday this year – great for long trips away when there’s no room for heaps of printed books, but for everyday I still buy and read paper.

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