4 comments on “I’m a librarian. It’s my job.

  1. I have had many similar experiences; one to remember:

    “I want some music”

    “Sure, a Score, a sound recording?. . do you want to look at it or do you want to listen to it?”

    Oh, I want to listen. My teacher wants me to hear some Classical music”

    “Anything in particular?”

    “I think it starts with E?”

    “hmm, . . .how about Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik?

    THAT’S IT!


  2. @Jo – Picking that music is impressive. I can honestly say I would never have got that one, not sure I can even pronounce it.

  3. @Anna – Good get. Although it seems that Tully cover really started a trend. there are heaps of half face covers these days.

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