The adoration of Jenna Fox, by Mary E Pearson

I used to be someone.
Someone named Jenna Fox.
That’s what they tell me. But I am more than a name. More than they tell me. More than the facts and statistics they fill me with. More than the video clips they make me watch.
More. But I’m not sure what.

Jenna Fox has just woken from a one year coma following a car accident. She now lives in California instead of Boston. She knows nobody except her parents and grandmother. She remembers nothing from before the accident. She has to learn everything again. Her parents show old home movies and tell her what happened, but there are gaps. Some things do not add up.

This is one of those books that works best if you don’t know too much about it, so I’ll keep it short. I guess you would call it science fiction, but don’t let that put you off if you’re not particularly a fan of that genre. It’s a powerful story about ethics, identity, and the lengths to which a parent would go to protect their child.

It is wonderfully written, challenging, beautiful, and well worth reading. Trust me.